Doing Things Safely - Using Equipment

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P028 - D&T: Cutting materials
LeadershipDoing Things Safely
An overview document that provides information about a range of tools and techniques employed when cutting materials - from G-clamps to tenon saws.
rotary cutter
P173 - Animal dissection in a primary school
Doing Things Safely
Guidance on how to safely and meaningfully dissect animal materials.
Children looking at a chicken wing
P169 - Lighting small outdoor fires
Doing Things Safely
Guidance on siting, building and managing a fire circle.
Kneeling by camp fire
P167 - Magnets - advice & guidance
Doing Things SafelyTeaching Ideas
Information about the different types of magnets and their safety measures, together with activities that demonstrate the properties of magnetism and information on the everyday use of magnets.
Collection of magnets