Doing Things Safely - Safety Notes

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P016 - Glues and adhesives in practical work
Doing Things SafelyTeaching Ideas
This document will help guide you through the safe use of a range of glues (adhesives) available, giving advice on the most effective types to join particular materials together, who should use them and any associated hazards.
A ranges of common glues and adhesives
P060 - Pond safety in primary schools
LeadershipDoing Things Safely
This document provides an overview on how to safely manage a school pond, outlines the other documents in our suite of pond safety resources and explains the roles and responsibilities staff have in order to keep and use a pond safely.
Girls using a tray
P051 - Keeping (frog) tadpoles
Doing Things Safely
This document provides guidance on how to safely: collect, keep and release frog tadpoles.
10 days old
PS055 - Bringing pets and other animals temporarily into schools
LeadershipDoing Things Safely
A guide and model risk assessment that supports the planning process for animal visits.