Doing Things Safely - Using Equipment

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P016 - Glues and adhesives in practical work
Doing Things SafelyTeaching Ideas
This document will help guide you through the safe use of a range of glues (adhesives) available, giving advice on the most effective types to join particular materials together, who should use them and any associated hazards.
A ranges of common glues and adhesives
P051 - Keeping (frog) tadpoles
Doing Things Safely
This document provides guidance on how to safely: collect, keep and release frog tadpoles.
10 days old
P038 - Food preparation equipment: Knives and cutting utensils
Doing Things Safely
This document provides information about how to safely store, use and maintain knives and other cutting utensils. It contains guidance, in relation to each utensil, about the age, maturity and proficiency needed as well as acceptable levels of supervision.
Palette knife
P032 - Using scissors
LeadershipDoing Things Safely
This document provides a summary list of different types of scissors and gives information on their use and suitability for children.